How Long Does it Take to Get Fit? [infographic]

Although getting fit is on the bucket lists of many people out there, few of them are aware of the fact that there will be a fair amount of dedication and commitment required in order to achieve this goal. If … Continue reading

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5 Perfect Pairs of Shoes for the Cottage

Are you anticipating your next vacation at your vacation cottage, but aren’t sure which footwear will be the most practical to take along? Instead of trying to fit your entire shoe collection into your luggage bag, take a look at … Continue reading

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4 Basic Shoe Styles Every Man Needs in His Wardrobe [infographic]

Over the past few years, more men than ever have realized that they are what they wear – and the footwear they choose is most certainly is no exception to this rule. Here are 4 styles and types of shoes … Continue reading

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Summer Office Etiquette – is it Ever OK to Expose Your Toes?

As summer approaches, rising temperatures usually mean that the amount of clothing being worn will be reduced. While it may be perfectly acceptable to wear short sleeved shirts and skirts that bare a little leg from time to time, there … Continue reading

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3 Shoe Styles to Wear to the Office this Spring

Finding the right pair of shoes to wear to work can feel like a chore, especially when there seems to be so many that barely last through one season before falling apart. However, if you are willing to invest a … Continue reading

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5 Men’s Shoes to Wear with Jeans [infographic]

When wearing jeans, it’s important for men to ensure that they wear the right style shoes with them. Different cuts of jeans, for example, may require different shoe styles to be worn with them. Below are 5 examples of shoes … Continue reading

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Mens’ Dress Shoes Color Guide [infographic]

When it comes to dress shoe colors, you have more to look at than just black and brown. While black may be an easy one to spot, there are numerous shades of brown shoes, and they all have their own … Continue reading

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5 Most Elegant Shoes for Spring 2016

While elegance can be in the eye of the beholder, you’ll agree these five shoes are very gorgeous, and versatile. Springtime means warmer weather, and that gives you a chance to wear open-toed shoes, sandals, and other varieties of shoes … Continue reading

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Top Trends: 5 Stylish & Super Comfortable High-Heeled Shoes

Wearing high heels doesn’t have to cause you pain and discomfort. Here are five easy to wear high-heeled shoes that anybody can enjoy and which look great for any occasion. 1: Clarks Delsie Stella A set of 3¼ inch heels … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Guide for Buying Your First Pair of Running Shoes [infographic]

When you go shopping for a pair of running shoes, you need to look for something that will provide both comfort and durability. Running shoes need to fit well, provide mobility for your foot and ankle, and protect from potential … Continue reading

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