Hunting for the Hottest Fall Shoe Trends 2015

With the peak of summer upon us, you might be gearing up for fall by updating your wardrobe. The hottest fall shoe trends of 2015 include a variety of boots in different styles and heights designed to keep your feet … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Feet Warm and Look Stylish This Fall [infographic]

Whether you prefer the practicality of Ecco shoes or the simple comfort of Geox footwear, keeping your feet toasty and warm this fall should be a prime consideration. Fortunately, with the tips below, you can enjoy all of your favorite … Continue reading

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4 Must-Have Women’s Shoes for a Beach Vacation [infographic]

When planning a beach vacation, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is ensure you have the right shoes. The shoes you wear at the beach will be different from those you wear anywhere else, which means … Continue reading

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Best Shoes for Active & Adventurous Vacation

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to plan a vacation that centers on outdoor activity and adventure. When planning an active and adventurous vacation, don’t forget to add the right pair of shoes to your packing list. In … Continue reading

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5 Great Tips to Keep Your Feet Comfortable in Summer [Infographic]

Summer is an active time of year for many people. Thanks to the nice weather, they spend more time on their feet and less time cooped up indoors due to the snow and ice. Unfortunately, this can lead to some … Continue reading

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3 Basic Shoes Every Woman Needs for Summer

Whether you are a shoe collector or someone who prefers to stick to the bare minimum, there are three basic shoes every woman needs for summer. High-heeled sandals are dressy and casual, and the same is true for slip-ons that … Continue reading

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Shoes and Suits: How to Match Them Up [Infographic]

A sharp-dressed man looks distinguished and commands attention. What’s more, every man should have at least one nice, expensive, designer suit. However, failing to match shoes to that designer suit properly is a major fashion faux pas. Here are some … Continue reading

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Top 4 Women’s Shoes This Spring

Women certainly love their shoes, but they also love staying on top of the latest trends. This spring, four distinct styles are all the rage. Below, lean more about the top four women’s shoe styles this spring. The possibilities are … Continue reading

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5 Shoe Accessories Any Person Should Have (Infographic)

5 Shoe Accessories Any Person Should Have They may be relatively small, in terms of a person’s total mass, and they may be located way down there at the bottom, next to the floor, don’t ever be lulled into believing … Continue reading

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The Top 3 Benefits of Women’s Casual Shoes

Women have always needed and benefitted from having several good pairs of casual shoes, in a nice variety of colors, and there have been periods of time when most women actually wore their casual shoes much more frequently than they … Continue reading

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