Is Your Closet Harboring a Gang of No-Good Footwear Thugs?

Look down at your feet. Go ahead, we’ll wait. If you’re wearing shoes, are they good shoes? And by “good” shoes, we mean good-to-your-feet shoes. Do they give you the kind of support your foot really needs? Do you know … Continue reading

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3 Must-Try Boot Styles This Fall

For many, fall ushers in a fashion-forward time of year. Sundresses and sandals are replaced with sweaters and boots, and jackets replace our bare, tanned arms of the summer months. If you enjoy changing your wardrobe each year when the … Continue reading

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Canada’s Top Running Events

Although the Great White North is best known for its hockey and lacrosse, running has seen thriving growth over the years in Canada. From 5Ks to ultramarathons, let’s take a look at some of Canada’s most popular running events. Share … Continue reading

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10 Famous Canadian Athletes

The Great White North is known for its beautifully snowy wilderness, thriving urban cityscapes, and an inherently diverse history and culture, but it has had a large tradition of athletes who have shown amazing feats of strength, grace, endurance, and … Continue reading

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Sole Mates: Finding Your Perfect Workout Shoe

Whether your idea of a workout is walking, running, going to the gym, or playing a sport, choosing the right pair of workout shoes is crucial to your workout experience. A shoe that comfortably fits your foot can reduce the … Continue reading

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Clarks Shoes: Leaving Footprints Around the World

Known as the world’s largest casual and smart shoe company, Clarks shoes has grown successfully as a family business for over nearly two centuries. Following the footsteps of the Clark brothers, the British shoe brand has paved the way for … Continue reading

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Walk Score 2014: Canada’s Most Walkable Cities

If you’re the type who likes to lace up your shoes and get from point A to point B by using the good old-fashioned power of your legs and feet, check out Canada’s most walkable cities according to Walk Score’s … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Make Your Shoes Last

You probably have more invested in your shoes than any other part of your wardrobe. Keeping that investment in tip-top shape and making it last for years to come takes more than the occasional spit and polish. Here are ten … Continue reading

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How To Train For A Marathon

Crossing the finish line of a marathon is a great personal goal to have. Explore some important training tips and tools with Walking on a Cloud to help you get started on your goal.  

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Canada’s Best Springtime Activities

Springtime in Canada is a wonderful time of year. With days filled with exciting adventures, Canadians get to experience all the season has to offer. Below are 6 ways that make Spring in Canada a fun time of year.

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